Bonaire vacation rentals

Bonaire vacation rentals? There are few things finer in life than sun, sand, and a tropical island. Bonaire of course has all three of them, but what if you could combine that with a splendid modern apartment located just by the beach. The Bonaire vacation rentals of Resort Bonaire are luxury apartments located near the capital city of the island, Kralendijk. Next to that the resort is also quite near the beach, and the island’s main diving attraction, the Bonaire National Marine Park. You can rent the apartments at Resort Bonaire and enjoy your vacation at this beautiful place. Say hello to the sun, sea and the beach!

Bonaire vacation rentals for all group sizes

Bonaire vacation rentals at Resort Bonaire are available for multiple sizes. This means we have accommodations for, two, four and six persons. These are both available for rent. With our facilities, you can expect a great vacation with many things to do. Do you love adventure? Check out the sailing group. The Compass Sailing Bonaire organizes several sailing and snorkeling excursions. They sail over the beautiful waters of Bonaire. You will definitely experience the best of Bonaire when you travel with Compass Sailing Bonaire. Do you prefer to relax during your vacation? Visit the capital Kralendijk or Klein Bonaire.

Bonaire vacation rentals at a great resort

Having fantastic Bonaire vacation rentals is of course all very fine, but at Resort Bonaire, we would not be satisfied if our services were not equally great. That is why we have designed a beautiful swimming pool in the center of our apartment complexes with even a real sandy beach. There are children’s playgrounds all around the luscious green resort, and naturally, there is a poolside bar for snacks, delicious cocktails and other drinks. Book your next vacation at Resort Bonaire on our booking page. If you have any questions you can contact us by calling or filling in the contact form.

Bonaire vacation rentals to have a nice and peaceful vacation at this beautiful island. Bonaire vacation rentals are perfect for families.