Bonaire vacation

Bonaire vacation means the warmth of a tropical island with snow-white beaches and pure blue water. It also means you can stay at the islands premier resort and have a wonderful relaxing and luxurious Bonaire vacation. This is Resort Bonaire where we would like to invite you to the finest apartments available on the island. These are both for rent, and thus provide a great option. The resort is very near the capital city Kralendijk, where there are nice boulevards and great restaurants to try. Next to that it is also located near the gorgeous national parks the Bonaire National Marine Park.

Bonaire vacation in brand new apartments

Bonaire vacation needs to be done in style, and therefore Resort Bonaire offers four types of modern luxury accommodations. The Hardin is perfect for two persons, while both the Bunita and Abundante make great apartments for up to four persons. The lavish penthouse Abundante+ is excellent when you decide to come with six people. These are perfect for a sunny Bonaire vacation; a vacation you will never forget. All the apartments are very spacious and have a sleek design. Ideal for you to lay back and relax in this tropical environment.

Bonaire vacation with the best services around

When you decide to go on your Bonaire vacation, it is only natural to expect the best services a resort can provide. Like an artistically crafted swimming pool, with a real sandy beach of course, children’s playgrounds both in and outside the pool, free Wi-Fi through the whole resort, and of course a reception that is available the whole day. At our booking page you can easily book your apartment at Resort Bonaire. If you have any questions, please contact us by filling in the contact form.

Choose a Bonaire vacation if you want to have a nice and warm vacation at a tropical island. Enjoy the snow-white beaches and pure blue water