Resort Bonaire

Weather on Bonaire

Let's be honest; the sun is obviously the most important reason for travelling to Bonaire. That is not something to be ashamed of. Bonaire is after all one of the sunniest parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands given its average 8 hours of sun per day. This basically means the sun always shines on this island, thus explaining why the temperature on Bonaire hits an average of 30 degrees Celsius all year round. During night-time temperatures tend to drop to around 20 degrees which is perfect for a chill night. Long story short; the weather on Bonaire is simply amazing, making it the favourite holiday destination for people from all over the globe.

Sunny and clouded days

The period between dawn and dusk takes on average 12 hours on Bonaire. The island lies closely to the equator ensuring a constant amount of daylight all year round. Following the 8 hours of sun per day, it means the remaining hours are taken up by clouds. It is a rare sight to have a clouded sky all day long, this usually only happens in September. It is more common for the weather on Bonaire to be marked by a blue sky with some clouds above a light blue sea. Compared to the gloomy Western European and Northern United States weather, it is as different as day and night. Honestly, you will have a smile on your face to moment you exit the plane and get the first rays of Caribbean sun shining down on you. The weather on Bonaire is absolutely breath-taking.

The nice weather on Bonaire is because of the sun, you can't miss it. Most of the people visit Bonaire  for the sun but is it always sunny?
The weather on Bonaire is not only sunny. There is also a period of rain. This period knows a couple of millimetres rain in a month.

Winter on Bonaire

The climate on Bonaire is very constant all year round. However, during early fall a small rainy season does take place. Rest assured, the rainy season on Bonaire constitutes a meagre 61-100 mm of rainfall on average per month. Despite the rainfall, the temperature on Bonaire remains above a comfortable 30 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the rainfall stops in January which happens to be the coldest month in large parts of the rest of the world. This gives you the perfect excuse to book a ticket and enjoy the beautiful weather on Bonaire. Please do pay attention to the intensity of the sun in Bonaire as it differs substantially from the intensity levels that you might be used to.

Diving on Bonaire

The climate below sea-level is as good as it is above sea-level. The sea temperatures never drop below the 25 degrees Celsius and temperatures tend to be even higher during the fall season. The sea surrounding Bonaire is consecutively an excellent spot for people that love to dive, snorkel, surf or practise other water sports. The temperatures are for example partially responsible for the popularity of the Bonaire National Marina Park; the amazing coral reefs complete the experience. Keep in mind that the sea currents can be somewhat rougher during fall. Practitioners of water sports are advised to keep this in mind.

Weather on Bonaire per month

In the climate table below you can compare the monthly weather conditions on Bonaire. It is obvious the weather conditions are very constant all year round. Nonetheless, from September till December there is a heightened chance to be confronted with rainfall. All in all, the climate on Bonaire could be marked as ideal for your holiday to Bonaire. You will definitely be able to get that much desired tan.