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Best travel dates Bonaire

Bonaire is basically a perfect holiday destination all year round. You will encounter the least amount of rainfall during March and August, which is why most travellers mark this period as the best time to visit Bonaire.

Electricity on Bonaire

In contrast to the European electricity network Bonaire uses the American system. This means electricity on Bonaire is 110-130V/50Hz, thus requiring you to use a different adapter or adjusting the voltage settings of your electric devices. Americans do not have to change a thing and can seamlessly integrate their electric devices into the Bonairian sockets.

Holidays on Bonaire

Holidays on Bonaire are very similar to the Dutch Holidays as it is still part of the Dutch Kingdom. However, they do have their own holidays. According to the info we got from Bonaire locals, they also celebrate special holidays such as Bonaireday (06-09) and Antillenday (21-10). On new year's day the people on Bonaire celebrate Maskerade during which the Bonairianen celebrate with masks on their face. Typical American holidays such as the 4th of July and thanksgiving are not commonly celebrated on the island.

Tipping on Bonaire

Tipping on Bonaire is different when compared to most Western European countries. Similar to the United States, restaurants charge a 10% tipping fee and hotels charge 12%. If the service is excellent it is not uncommon to pay as much as 15% or 20%. Poor service? It is common practice to pay 5% or nothing at all. Cabdrivers usually charge a 10% tip. You can calculate this yourself by checking the fee of the ride beforehand. Given these facts, Americans should feel right home. Some Asian visitors might find the tipping rules somewhat confusing as well.

The electricity on Bonaire is via the American system. Electricity on Bonaire is 100-130V/50Hz. It might be possible that you need an adapter.
The holidays on Bonaire are almost the same as the Dutch ones. Bonaire has Bonaire-day and Antillesday. Maskerade is on new years day.

Money & currency on Bonaire

Given the distance to the US, the currency on Bonaire is the United States dollar. So no need to run to the bank to change your currency beforehand if you are departing from the US. Visitors that do not have the US dollar has their main currency can withdraw the dollars from ATM-machines which are found all over the island. If you prefer a personal when exchanging money, you can also exchange your currency for dollars at the bank.

Vaccinations for Bonaire

It is not necessary to take vaccinations for your trip to Bonaire. Tropical diseases are very uncommon and on top of that; the healthcare on the island is of excellent quality. It is advised that you take precautionary measures against mosquitos to avoid exposure to diseases such as Zika and Chikungunya.

Passport & Visa for Bonaire

Passport & Visa for Bonaire? Holders of a valid residence permit for the United States, Canada, the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Ireland or Switzerland are exempted from the visa requirements. This means your passport is sufficient to stay on Bonaire for a period of 6 months without a visa. Not part of the abovementioned countries or regions? Pay a visit to the Dutch consulate or embassy in your country. Please do keep in mind that, similar to other journeys, you are not allowed to import unlimited amounts of cigarettes and/or alcohol.

Travel duration to Bonaire

The travel duration to Bonaire is about 9 hours on average given a direct flight departing from Western Europe. If you have a stopover in Curaçao or Sint-Maarten, the duration of your journey gets prolonged with 4 hours. For North-American travellers the flight duration can differ from 9 hours and up. Flight times can go up relatively quickly given that only Houston, Newark and Atlanta offer direct flight. Each additional stopover will add at least 3 hours to your flight. So if you are visiting this beautiful island from the USA, be prepared for a long journey.

Language on Bonaire

The language of Bonaire is the language of the Antilles, meaning people speak Papiamento. However, Dutch is the official language of the island but English is also spoken by everyone on the island. As such you should find it easy to communicate with the locals.

Telephone, internet & mail

This is how the telephone, the internet and postal services work on Bonaire; if you want to call to Bonaire you have to input the international access number +599. To reach your own country when in Bonaire, you have to dial your number with the respective country code in front of it. Using a mobile phone can be quite expensive so it is advised to use the hotel Wi-Fi as much as possible. Mail can be send via the post offices situated in Kralendijk or Rincon and it takes on average 5 days to arrive in the USA.

Transportation on Bonaire

Cars and taxis are pre-eminently used for all the transportation needs on Bonaire. Scooters & motors are also seen as ideal means of transport on this tropical island. This is due to the absence of public transportation. Curious to find out more Bonaire info? Check out our website. If you are still looking to rent an apartment on Bonaire, Resort Bonaire is sure to fit your needs.