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Holiday Bonaire with children

Holiday Bonaire with children

5 tips for a holiday on Bonaire with children

Bonaire is the ideal destination for a holiday with children. While you are basking on the beach, your children will splash in the sea or build the most beautiful sand castles. You are only 500 meters away from the beach at Resort Bonaire. What can you do during a vacation on Bonaire with your children? We would love to help you. Discover and experience it for yourself from our resort.

1. Terramar Museum
2. Washington Slagbaai National Park
3. Donkey Sanctuary
4. Snorkeling and diving
5. Kralendijk

Terramar Museum

Visit the Terramar Museum during your child friendly holiday and let your children get acquainted with the history of Bonaire. The archaeological and historical museum is located in the center of Kralendijk. Your children learn the history of Bonaire through spectacular exhibitions, fascinating objects and interactive experiences, but also treasure hunting so that your children experience the history in a fun way.

Washington Slagbaai National Park

Discover the nature of Bonaire in its purest form. The Washington Slagbaai National Park offers a safe haven for various animal and plant species. Who knows, you and your children will spot flamingos and iguanas ! You can drive around in the park, walk or mountain bike and make a number of stops along the way where you can spot various sea turtles, pelicans, donkeys and goats in addition to flamingos. That's what I call cool!

Donkey Sanctuary

With this donkey sanctuary you drive around among hundreds of donkeys! They like to come to you and put their nose through the car window to ask for food. You can buy a bag of carrots at the entrance. If one comes close to the window, your children can feed the donkeys. We bet your children will make new friends very quickly? There is also a garden where you can admire iguanas and tortoises. You will experience a fun and educational outing for young and old!

Snorkeling and diving

Day at the beach? Pink Beach is very suitable for a holiday with children, but also Coco Beach. Rent cots and enjoy the sun while the children have fun in the sea. A little more challenge? Your children can get diving lessons starting at the age of 8 in the National Marine Park at different diving schools. Discover the underwater world and spot tropical fish, turtles and the beautiful coral. Your children will not get bored!


A visit to the capital of the Caribbean island is definitely worth it. Stroll through the shopping streets, visit Fort Oranje and take a look at the harbor where you can spot beautiful boats and see how fishermen sell their catch. Sit on the many terraces and enjoy a delicious meal in the many restaurants. If this doesn't convince you, we give up!

Are you already convinced of a wonderful holiday on Bonaire?

With these 5 tips you are guaranteed to have a great holiday on Bonaire with your children. From your vacation apartment at Resort Bonaire you will be in the vicinity of the above activities in no time. Visit them all during a longer vacation on Bonaire. Resort Bonaire is the ideal base for this.