Resort Bonaire

Flying to Bonaire

Yes, you are finally flying to Bonaire. Time to trade in the cold and gloomy weather for a tropical paradise. However, before you arrive at your dream destination, we would like to help you with some practical information ensuring a safe and sound journey.

How long is the flight to Bonaire

How long is the flight to Bonaire? When you pick a direct flight, the average flight time from Western Europe to Bonaire is around 9 hours. From New York it will take you around 12 hours (including a stopover). For European travellers it is also possible to book a cheaper flight that includes a stopover in Curaçao or Sint-Maarten. The flight-time will go up to around 13 hours if you pick the stopover option.

Flight tickets to Bonaire

Multiple flights to Bonaire depart on a daily basis from Schiphol. It is possible to buy flight tickets to Bonaire from both the TUI and KLM airlines. TUI provides you with the option to fly with the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This aircraft has all the latest gadgets and amenities, thus ensuring the utmost comfort during your flight. If you depart from an airport in the United States, take into account you will at least incur one stopover.

Time difference with Bonaire

Due to the earth's rotation it is 5 or 6 hours earlier in Bonaire compared to Western Europe. (depending on the summer/wintertime in Europe). This means that on your incoming flight you will not suffer that much from a jetlag. Nonetheless, you can be sure that the chances of getting a jetlag on the return flight are far more substantial. The opposite is true when flying from the United States mainland.

Finally, you're flying to Bonaire. But what kind of information do you need before you will depart to this beautiful island? Read more.
 What do you need to know before you will depart to the beautiful island of Bonaire? And how do you transfer from airport to your accommodation?  

Flamingo Airport Bonaire

The airport on Bonaire is sufficiently large and modern enough to safely process all incoming flights regardless of their size and shape. Additionally, the airport has been named after the flamingo; the most famous bird on the island. The fact that the airport is called Flamingo Airport Bonaire also explains why the buildings on the airport are all pink. It is definitely worth an extra couple minutes of your time to look around and enjoy this peculiar sight.

Local and regional flights from Bonaire Airport

It is also possible to visit the surrounding islands with local and regional flights from Bonaire Flamingo Airport. This allows you to quickly pay a visit to Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten, or even Paramaribo. Each island has its own unique charm, with Surinam being a completely different world of its own.

Parking on Bonaire Airport

Picking up passengers with the car is free on the airport of Bonaire, given you are not parked for more than 5 minutes. If you are in need of some extra time, Bonaire Airport also offers the possibility to park your car and pay a parking fee.

Car rental on Bonaire Airport

Renting a car on Bonaire Airport from one of the various local and international car rental companies is also one of the available possibilities. Renting a car is probably one of the best options if you decide to tour around the island. We advise you to rent a SUV as it is most suitable for all the different terrains you encounter.

Taxi's on Bonaire Airport

Do you prefer a taxi? You are in luck as there are numerous taxi's available on Bonaire Airport. Taxi's do not make use of a meter as they work with fixed prices that are presented to you in advance. Each taxi driver has standard cost overviews listed in their car.

Public transportation from Bonaire Airport

Public transportation is unfortunately not possible from Bonaire Airport. There are no trains or busses departing from the airport. If you decide on flying to Bonaire, getting picked up, hiring a taxi or renting your own car are the best options you have for reaching your final destination. It will for example ensure that you reach the beautiful apartments from Resort Bonaire without a hassle.