Resort Bonaire

Bonaire travel

In a couple days you will finally be on Bonaire! Of course you plan on exploring this beautiful island, but do not let yourself be surprised; Bonaire is larger than you think. As such it is useful to choose a motorized Bonaire travel option. The distance from Kralendijk to Washington Slagbaai National Park is for example already more than 20km. Travelling on Bonaire is substantially different when compared to modern societies. Although cars also drive on the right side of the road, the driving style differs quite a lot. Therefore we advise you to drive with caution as to not end up in an accident.

Car rental on Bonaire

Renting a car on Bonaire is possible upon arrival at the Flamingo Airport Bonaire, or simply via the internet. You have both national as international car rentals available on the airport. To reach all the different spots on the island, we advise you to rent an SUV. This advice also stems from the poorly maintained roads. If you want to rent a car, you have to be able to show that you are at least 21 years old and in possession of a valid driver's license. It is common practice to also be asked to pay a deposit. Usually these deposits can also be paid by credit card.

You can travel on Bonaire with several kinds of vehicles. Scooters, busses and taxi's will help you exploring this beautiful island.
Which vehicles can you expect on Bonaire? Read more about the vehicles you can use on the island Bonaire.

Scooter rental & motor rental on Bonaire

You can also choose to rent a scooter or perhaps a motor in Bonaire. It is an absolute blast to travel around the beautiful Bonaire landscape using these two-wheeled vehicles. Besides the experience, scooters & motors are very fuel efficient and you can park them almost anywhere. Scooter and motor rental on Bonaire is also solely possible if you can present a valid identification document, a driver's license and pay a deposit. 300 US dollar is the common deposit amount. It is often also possible to pay this deposit with your credit card.

Taxi's on Bonaire

Renting a cab on Bonaire is a good alternative if you do not prefer to drive yourself. Taximeters are not available on the island, but every cab does have a list with standardized prices. Given that you always know how much you have to pay in advance, you will never overspend using the taxi's on your Bonaire travel adventures. Taxis are available on Flamingo Airport Bonaire and around the larger hotels. It is often not possible to rent taxis on the roadside or in the city. However, if you rent a cab for a prolonged period of time you can for example ask the driver to show you all the beautiful spots on the island.

Public transportation Bonaire

Public travel on Bonaire is virtually non-existent. Trains are not available and busses do not have scheduled arrival and departure times. Worse still, waiting for a bus at a bus stop to travel around Bonaire is not even possible if you have not ordered the bus yourself. Simply said, busses are basically taxis, resulting in them being one of the worst travel options when you try to reach your Bonaire accommodation. As such we advise you to rent a car, scooter or motor and create your own Bonaire travel plans. This also means you can decide to visit all the amazing things Bonaire has to offer on the times that suit you best.