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Bonaire nightlife

You just booked your holiday to the beautiful island Bonaire and of course you'd like to know more about the Bonaire nightlife. In daytime you can spend your time sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the ocean, pool or just enjoy a walk through one of the many gardens on Bonaire. But what about the nightlife on Bonaire? Well, the island has enough enjoyable things to do and we would like to tell you all about it. After dinner, you can start getting ready for your Bonaire night out. You definitely don't want to miss it. Bonaire has one of the most amazing clubs, events and parties. Are you going to join the nightlife scene? In this blog you read everything about the possibilities, the spots you definitely have to visit and what to add to your bucket list. The options for a fun night out are endless. Not really into clubbing every night? Bonaire offers many other options so you are guaranteed to have a fun night. The Bonaire nightlife caters to young and old, providing unforgettable experiences to everyone joining the party.

Nightlife in Bonaire at the most beautiful locations

Are you into happy hour? If so, you definitely have to go clubbing on Bonaire as almost all nightlife establishments are familiar with this concept. This means you'll be able to enjoy cheaper drinks for about one to two hours every night. Some bars even handout free snacks to keep the party going. This ensures your night is off to a good start. During your drink with your partner or friends you can often enjoy live music, played by local bands. As such you are able to enjoy both cheap drinks and actual live music during your Bonaire nightlife adventure. Are you into salsa, latin or merengue music? If so, clubbing on Bonaire is going to make you very happy. Local bands have a tendency to play these specific genres all night long. These nice dance beats guarantee that you will walk around the island with a genuine holiday feeling.

Bonaire nightlife is the best nightlife

Now that you know what to expect from your Bonaire nightlife adventure, you obviously want to know where to go. The island is very popular among tourists, which translates into a preference for certain bars. A substantial amount of Americans tend to go to hotelbars since the liquor is cheaper and international bands commonly perform during the weekends. The Europeans gather at different bars in Kralendijk. Often you also find live music in these locations, specializing in the Antillean or Venezuelan music style. This upbeat music requires you to dance, so do not forget to bring your dancing shoes! The most popular bars during happy hour are Karel's Bar and City Café at the boulevard. More interested in a true Dutch café? Then you'll have to put café Mona Lisa on Kaya Grandi on your to-do list! Additional benefits of this bar comes in the form of the typical Dutch and French dishes they serve. On the countryside you will find less touristic bars which are more popular among locals. These bars will be able to provide you with that real Bonaire local nightlife experience. Head on out and explore the island for yourself. If you'd like to know more about the Bonaire nightlife, please contact us. We hope to be in touch soon!

Nightlife on Bonaire? Read more about clubs and party's on this beautiful and lovely island. Say hello to dances like salsa and merengue!
The nightlife on Bonaire is combined with many dances and delicious drinks. Dance the merengue with us and enjoy this swining partyisland.
The nightlife on Bonaire consists of latin dance, nice food and good drinks. Going out on Bonaire? Check out several places. Want to know more?