Resort Bonaire

Bonaire beaches

Looking for the best beaches on Bonaire? We have created a handy shortlist ensuring you will land on the beach that best suits your needs. Unlike Aruba, which has endless white beaches, Bonaire has a lot of gravel and pebble beaches. Nonetheless, this island still has a sufficient amount of beautiful sand beaches.

The most beautiful beaches of Bonaire

The most beautiful beaches of Bonaire meet all the criteria for the ultimate Caribbean holiday: an average of 8 hours of sun per day, white beaches, palm trees and cocktails. On Bonaire it is 30 degrees Celsius on average all year round, meaning you could go to the beach basically every day.

Clean beaches Bonaire

For both the tourists and mother nature, clean beaches are a must. Take the sea turtles for example; they will not thrive in filthy environments. As a result, the beaches of Bonaire are well-maintained. There is even a special day during which the cleaning of the beach gets paid extra attention: 'Tene Boneru Limpi'.

Te Amo Beach

The first beach that we will describe for you is Ta Amo beach. Located at the West coast of Bonaire, the current has a tendency to be very mild, hence making it a perfect snorkelling spot. It is even possible to encounter sea turtles while you are laying down and enjoying the Caribbean sun!

Klein (little) Bonaire

Klein Bonaire is only accessible via a water taxi because it is a small island west of Kralendijk. Klein Bonaire is an uninhabited island with a nature reserve located next to a stunning coral reef. These characteristics make it ideal for divers and snorkelers. However, on the island itself you can also admire various animals in their natural habitat.

 The Bonaire beaches vary very much but have one thing in common. You can relax and enjoy evey day! Read more about the beaches.
The beaches on Bonaire, you can enjoy them endlessly. Read more about the clean Bonaire beaches where you can relax all day.

Eden Beach

This beach is part of the Eden Beach Resort, yet it is still publicly available. Obviously you still have to pay for the rental of a beach bed. It is also possible to grab a bite to eat, drink a cocktail at the Spice Beach Club and enjoy performances of famous DJ's during the weekends.

Jibe City

Windsurfing is the core activity at Jibe City. Positioned at the Lac Bay on the eastern side of the island, Jibe City is the place you will encounter that genuine surf vibe. It is possible to take classes or to simply relax and lay back on your free beach bed. It is a very relaxed Bonaire beach!

Coco Beach

Connoisseurs of Salsa-music will find that Coco Beach is the place to be. The beach just opened recently, but it has already evolved in an amazing location. During daytime you can play beach volleyball or get a drink. During the evenings and weekends this Bonaire beach is filled with live music vibes. It is also possible to enjoy a very good meal at this location.

Bachelor Beach

Just South of Flamingo Airport you will find the small Bachelor Beach. The beach is especially popular among locals during weekends. Nonetheless, this beach is also a perfect fit for tourists looking to swim and dive. If you are contemplating whether to rent an apartment on Bonaire, we advise you to take a look at the site of Resort Bonaire.