Bonaire apartments at Resort Bonaire are available now. We offer the finest apartments on the island for you to rent, Our resort is just by the beach on the west coast of Bonaire, and amidst great surroundings. Your apartment on Bonaire will be near very nice places for surfing and diving, as well as beautiful national parks. Likewise, the Bonaire National Marine Park is also situated nearby and is a perfect place to go swimming, surfing, or diving. In fact, the whole island is a diver's paradise. Bonaire is simply a great place to spend your holiday.

Bonaire apartments in all shapes and sizes

Bonaire apartments at Resort Bonaire are perfectly catered to your wishes. This means that it does not matter how many people you would like to bring with you, we will have the perfect Bonaire apartments for you. Our accommodations range from two to six person apartments and are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. That is because at Resort Bonaire we do not know the meaning of second-rate, and even our smallest two-person apartment, the Hardin, is as luxurious as the six person Abundante+ is. Are you searching for a great and unforgettable vacation in a classy apartment on Bonaire, then look no further. Even if you are just looking for a nice play to spend your holiday, Resort Bonaire is perfect for you.

Bonaire apartments with splendid facilities

Resort Bonaire also delivers when it comes to great facilities and services. We know that you are not only looking for a great place to stay, but also for apartments with a great atmosphere. Resort Bonaire apartments are therefore situated next to a beautiful swimming pool with a real sandy beach, and a nice poolside bar for drinks and phenomenal finger food. At our booking page you can easily book an accommodation. If you have any questions, you can contact us by filling in the contact form.

Bonaire apartments from Resort Bonaire are perfect for couples and families.
Take a look at the beautiful Bonaire apartments from Resort Bonaire.