Resort Bonaire

Bonaire animals

If you are crazy about pets and exotic animals, you will love Bonaire animals. On this island you will encounter numerous animals that are unique to the environment. As such, you will not encounter these anywhere in the Netherlands or surrounding countries. While enjoying the sunny island, you're also able to enjoy the beautiful nature and get to know these new animals. Given that some Bonaire animals only occur on the ABC islands, which include Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, you will surely be able to head home with some interesting stories and photos. In this blogpost you'll learn everything about which Bonaire animals you can spot and which animals you absolutely have to see before you head back home.

Bonaire animals are special

Animal wise, one of the Bonaire animals you'll probably see a lot are reptiles. This is not such a strange thing if you consider the fact that their main habitat is all over the Caribbean islands. On the ABC islands you can find over 15 different species. Good thing the island is not that big, otherwise you would not be able to track them down. One of the more famous reptile species on the island is the blue colored lizard "Cnemidophorus Murinus Ruthveni." This lizard stands out because of his color, but the animal is also very fast. Keep your camera set and ready if you want to take a photo! Another lizard on the island is the tree lizard "Totèki" also known as Kaku. He can do a little trick with his yellow and orange dewlap to attract females during the mating process or to warn others in dangerous situations. It is an interesting sight to behold. Obviously, the smaller and colorful lizards are a fun sight. However, there is one lizard that is considered to be one of the most impressive animals on the island: the iguana. This remarkable animal can grow up to 1,5 meters. Due to frequent human contact they've grown accustomed to our presence, hence allowing for real close-up encounters in Washington Park.

The lizard is an animal on Bonaire. Do you have a camera to take a  picture? The small and big lizards are fun to watch and also fun to touch!
Curious about the animals on Bonaire? The flamingo is one of these animals. This beautiful and swining animal is nice to see.
 Animals on Bonaire; birds and big reptiles. You will find the beautiful creatures everywhere on the island. Meet the animals of Bonaire!
 The animals on Bonaire are not only water animals or land animals. You will definitely will find these beautiful creatures on this island.
The animals on Bonaire vary very much. You will not only find reptiles, but also insects like butterflies. Read more about these animals.

Bonaire animals you must see

Aside from the amazing reptiles, there are plenty of other interesting Bonaire animals. One of the animals you definitely have to see during your holiday are the Bonaire flamingo's. There are more than 200 different kinds of birds on Bonaire, but the flamingo is by far the most well-known tourists. Just imagine how nice it would be to lay at the beach, looking out seeing the pink birds dancing in the water. This has to be the ultimate photo possibility! Aside from the birds and reptiles, the island is home to other non-native species that have been brought to the island by Dutch and Spanish colonialists. Animals like cats, dogs, goats, donkeys and horses are therefore a common sight. Keep in mind that these Bonaire animals aren't pets but are classified as wild animals that roam the island freely. This does mean you have to watch out for them when driving around the island. Last but not least, Bonaire is home to nine different types of bats. It's a little bit harder to find these animals, because they hide in caves during daytime. Many people are scared of them, yet they fulfill a very important role on the island. There're way more species on the island of Bonaire, but to find out which ones you'll have to visit the place yourself! If you would like to have more information, please contact us and we will help you realize your dream holiday!