Best places to stay in Bonaire

Best places to stay in Bonaire? There is no reason to look any further than Resort Bonaire. Our apartments are the most modern and luxurious on the whole island, and are located just by the beach. The resort itself is situated just to the south of Kralendijk, the small but pleasant capital city of the island Bonaire, as well as very near the Bonaire National Marine Park, which is the place to go for diving, snorkeling, and surfing. Resort Bonaire certainly earns its top spot on the list of best places to stay in Bonaire.

Best places to stay in Bonaire? Have a look at our apartments

Best places to stay in Bonaire? Just a small glimpse at the apartments we have for rent, you are at the right place. Resort Bonaire offers multiple accommodations types for groups, and, or families of all sizes. For example, have a look at our four-person Abundante apartment, located on the second floor with its wide and spacious balcony. You could also check out our four person Bunita, which is on the first floor, or our two person Hardin, or six person Abundante+. They all share the same great qualities and make Resort Bonaire among the best places to stay in Bonaire.

Best places to stay in Bonaire? These are the services we provide

The services provided at Resort Bonaire are the icing on the cake of our vacation resort, and they are why this resort is definitely number one when it comes to the best places to stay in Bonaire. We have a beautiful swimming pool, with a children’s playground, and an adjoining bar. As well as free Wi-Fi throughout the resort. All in all simply the best place for a sunny holiday, and perhaps you might also be inclined to rent in an apartment at Resort Bonaire. You can book an apartment on our booking page. If you have any questions, you can contact us by calling or filling in the contact form.

The best places to stay in Bonaire? Take a look at Resort Bonaire and other facilities of this beautiful island.